Monday, 03 August 2015


Chatham Components Inc. is an exclusive distributor for two of the highest quality thermal fuse brands available - the Elcut brand and the SEFUSE ® brand.


Elcut Brand Thermal Cutoffs

Available with axial or radial lead wires. The fusible thermal element is a eutectic alloy. When the temperature reaches the melting point of the fusible eutectic alloy, the alloy melts and liquifies. This breaks or “cuts-off” the electrial current through the thermal fuse



SEFUSE Brand Thermal Cutoffs

Designed for high current applications. The thermal sensitive pellet in the SEFFUSE brand TCO liquefies when the temperature rises to the melting point of the thermal element. This, in turn, allows a spring action to permanently break the electrical circuit.




Elcut and SEFUSE thermal cuffs are internationally recognized for their high quality and leading edge design technologies. They are manufactured acc1ording to ISO9001 standards, the international standard for quality assurance